AudienceFormatTitlePresenter(s)DescriptionPreReqs & What to Bring
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Strengthening Connection: Creating Your D/s Protocol ManualAthena Kali, Icarus, and RuinAs a connection rooted in dominance and submission grows, both parties learn one another's strengths, preferences, and desires. Are you ready to take your connection to the next level? In this class you will learn how to create a D/s Protocol Manual, an outline of Owner/Mistress/Master preferences and guidance for their owned-beloved, which dictate how the connection can be honored fully through service, everyday gestures, high protocol, and more. Appropriate for D/s players of any configuration whether brand new, sometimes on, or life long 24/7, this class will share Athena's protocols developed with Her pets (both written and unwritten versions!) and allow you time to begin creating the building blocks of your own Manifest for ritualizing and honoring your kinky connection. It may be helpful to bring something to write with or take notes with in this class.
Rope - IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Endure: Rope Bondage Extended ScenesAthena Kali, Icarus, and Ruin“And now, I want you to suffer.” Those words can set a tremble to our souls, or cause a sigh of relief - at least it will be over soon! Unless… the purpose of the scene and rope is to place the body and spirit in an extended exodus, to test the endurance of our limbs and alight the place in our hearts designed to find news depths of dominance and submission. Learn a variety of ties in hands-on, connected scenes designed to explore the limits of our capacity for suffering in ties over a longer period of time. Safety and scene setting will be discussed as containers to help build the kind of dark and sensual scenes lurking within.This class is best suited for those with some basic rope experience - facilitator will cover several ties from which to build, and class will use music and facilitated space for you to explore together.

What should attendees bring to class?
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Creative Rope Flow & MovementBallerinaGoddessThis class will challenge your rope creativity with dance. No worries! You do not need a dance experience to take this class. Different music styles will affect how you will tie. How you tie will affect your and/or your partners creative movement. Everyone has their own dance within, BallerinaGoddess will ask you to “feel” the music so that you can connect with your body, mind and soul. There will be a flow movement warm up to get the blood and creativity flowing. Use these ideas when you get the chance to tie yourself or your partner. Come to class prepared to “perform” for yourself and/or with your partner.

Accessible to all including self and with a partner.
Basic rope skills & creativity. Bring rope!
ActivityRope LoungeBelle & JenRandRope Lounge
Rope - BeginnerHands-On (people participate)How to whip the ends of your rope and other rope things you should knowBeMyToyIf you want to learn how to whip the ends of your rope so they will look nice and not fray then this is the class for you. All materials for this hands on class are provided you just need to bring yourself. You can bring your own rope if at the end you want to whip your own ropes ends.All materials are provided, but you are free to bring your own ropes that may need whipping.
Rope - Suspension AdvancedHands-On (people participate)Leading transitions: Top, Bottom, & Gravity
BeyonderA particular set of transitions in suspension can evoke very different experiences depending on who leads the movement. While the Top is always involved, they don't always need to be the one expending the majority of the effort. There are a wide variety of transitions which hinge instead on agency or effort from the Bottom or on simply letting gravity do the work for both of you. This class will introduce a short transition sequence and explore how it can create very different scenes depending on what decisions you make in each move. It will discuss top-led, bottom-led, and gravity led transitions and demonstrate ways to swap one for the other.Prerequisites
Experience with executing safe & sustainable static suspensions as well as with some variety of transitions will be necessary for both Tops and Bottoms. This class should not be anyone's 1st or even 5th time in the air. Load-bearing chest and hip-harnesses should be familiar and tied quickly. This class works best with an arms-out chest harness and gunslinger style hip harness, but it should be modifiable to whatever harnesses you and your partner work most comfortably with.

What should attendees bring to class?
Rope and climbing-rated suspension hardware are obviously a must. This class assumes you have already built a suspension kit that works for you and are familiar with your tools.
Intermediate knowledge (Pre Reqs Required)Hands-On (people participate)Connection/Intimacy through SadismBoschWe know how this goes. The sadist inflicts pain because it pleases them, the masochist enjoys the sensation, the endorphins. This class will discuss, model, and allow attendees to practice creating an intimacy within the context of giving and receiving sadism. Often just in sharing our deepest darkest desires with someone will bring that intimacy and connection. We will touch on various forms of physical and even emotional sadism that one might want to experience safely.Prerequisites
If attendees plan to practice with each other (and it is not required for the class) they will first need to know how to safely inflict pain through whatever method they enjoy, thuddy, stingy, paddles, whips, crops, etc.

What should attendees bring to class?
Their favorite sadistic implement.
NEREN Rope SocialBrookeish and Impact_JNEREN Rope Social!
Come meet and mingle and tie with other New England Rope Folks!

Need a break from all the amazing classes? Want to practice that new tie you just learned, with the new jute you just bought? Maybe meet someone to attend other classes or the play party with? Get in here and get your ropey mingle on!

Your host Brookeish will delightedly share their passion of rope with you, list all the amazing rope events coming up in the area, discuss tips and tricks they have picked up over the years and will undoubtedly have their rope monster on display. We will also try to have folks from every area of New England available to meet attendees and to answer questions about local rope nights, skill shares, educational opportunities and more.

You should join us if you are interested in being part of the conversation and belonging to a network of New England rope enthusiasts that work together to host educational events! We are striving to create a larger network of rope loving folks, that will grow and share knowledge within our rope community.
Our mission is to continuously provide access to the knowledge, styles and experience of rope tops and bottoms from all over New England and beyond, so that we can support, cultivate and provide rope education opportunities and community.
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)Belt and Suspenders Chest harnessCorwin and SevaThis is a bomb-proof arms free chest harness. Comfortable, yet secure, this tie can be used in very dynamic transitions and has many attachment points, without sacrificing the Japanese-inspired look and feel. A tying partner is highly recommended for this class. The class also includes a variation of this tie with the arms in a box tie pattern as an alternative to the popular TK/Shibari Gote.

This class is considered intermediate level in difficulty for rope tops/riggers. While we will not have students suspending in this class, the harness is meant for suspension and will require the rigger to have understanding of foundational techniques such as proper and consistent tension, placement, single column ties, etc.
Basic single column tie, understanding of frictions, and having experience with any other chest harness/box tie.

What should attendees bring to class?
Two to three hanks of 5-6mm rope, between 7-8m long. Jute, hemp, synthetics will all work.
Intro to PoiDark MonkTBD
This class is for everyoneDiscussion (Round table, panel, etc.)#daddyissues: BDSM and babiesElleBelleFinding the fulcrum to balance the facets of your life takes effort. Is it possible to maintain a 24/7 D/s dynamic after becoming parents? Two years after the birth of our twins, we say yes. Come join the conversation about unconventional ways to incorporate D/s into your every day life. Participation strongly encouraged!
*You do not need to be a parent to attend*
An open mind and a willingness to engage in group conversations.

What should attendees bring to class?
Pen/Pencil. Notebook or paper encouraged.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Rope SeductionEmbonamie & Stranger FriendWhen you attempt to seduce your partner are you a bundle of knots? In this class, Em will display her most successful seduction rope techniques. A couple of key skills that you will practice are setting intentions, reading your partner’s desire through non-verbal cues, and recovering when things aren’t going as planned. Both bottoms and tops will find these skills valuable. This is not a class about using rope for sex positions, but rather turning your partner on through a rope scene. Plan to tie along with slow and seductive music to arouse all your senses. This hands-on class will consist of verbally-guided tying time in a space for you to practice whetting your appetite.
Flexibility for Circusfuoco and ReadyCome learn the science behind stretching from a professional circus artist. Together we'll learn how and why flexibility trainings works, and why it might work a bit differently from one body to another. We'll address these concepts from an intellectual/academic approach, examining the physiology of stretching, and from an embodied approach, trying different techniques and feeling their effectiveness in our bodies in order to understand more about our individual makeups. Attendees will learn the difference between mobility and flexibility, and how to practically apply that knowledge into their own stretching routines. This class is intended for people of all flexibility levels.
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Shoulders-In Tengufuoco and ReadySome people just don't wanna be put in a box! This tengu has all of the advantages of a TK (multiple loadings points and a design that supports the chest across the shoulders, and so isn't just a glorified chest harness), but offers an easier, more sustainable anatomical position for folks whose shoulders just don't want to rotate into box tie.Prerequisites
Attendees should be familiar with a suspendable box tie harness.

What should attendees bring to class?
At minimum four lengths of rope
Rope - Advanced BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Hojo Logicfuoco and ReadyThe hojo cuff is an important tool in any riggers tool box. It's infinitely useful, showing up often in both patternless floorwork and high level suspension harness patterns. It requires excellent tension management and rope handling skills. The endless possibilities for it's application means that new riggers can look forward to building a skill that will offer them hours of practice, challenge them creatively, and improve their rope across the board. In this class we'll examine patterns that incorporate hojo cuffs, but more importantly, the logic of hojo cuffs in a way that will allow riggers to apply this new skill thoughtfully in all of their tying.Prerequisites
attendees should be comfortable tying a single column tie

What should attendees bring to class?
Three lengths of rope
Rope - AdvancedHands-On (people participate)The 4 S's of PredicamentsGentleeBrutal and WORBWe will go over parts of the predicaments and how to create a tie that can be held for 30mins to an hour and a half. We will show 3 different predicaments for the classes to recreate and take home to play with and make their own. As always with our classes best practices for rope and consent will be gone over.Prerequisites
People tying, single column, double column, chest harness, hair rope. Able to read faces and body launauge. Solid lock offs.
People getting tied, able to communicate through a stressful tie and good body awarness

What should attendees bring to class?
Rope kit
Ring,plate, ect...
Safety shears
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Acro suspension and circus rope demoGentleeBrutal and WORBIamGLB and Worldsokayestropebunny will show how to suspend the people rope over the people tying. They will then instruct the class how to do Acro moves in rope. After the acro sequence the class will get to do the sequence as well. After the class unties, Iam GLB and Worldsokayestropebunny will do a circus demo for the class.

Advanced for bottoms
Intermediate for tops

Prerequisites for class
Bottoms great understanding ang movement in rope
Body awarness
Tops arms free harness, single columns and lock offs
Bottoms great understanding ang movement in rope
Body awarness
Tops arms free harness, single columns and lock offs
What should attendees bring to class?

Rope Kit, Safety Sheers, Suspension supplies
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Acrobatic dynamic suspensionGentleeBrutal and WORBWe will show different types of ties, that allow the person in rope to explore different dynamic shapes. People tying will also be taught ways they can interact with the partner in rope. We will show the best practices for the people tying and people in rope. Worldsokayestropebunny and Gentleebrutal will go over different definitions of consent and model it, as well, before tying. This is a great concept of tying for performances and/or just drawing attention to your scene in a play space. The people in the rope fill strong and powerful and the people tying feel proud to see their partner strength.Prerequisites
People tying will have a suspendable chest harness. TK, front hands, arms free, ect..
They will have solid lock offs and good rope management.
People being tied or self tying will need to have excellent body awarness. They will need to understand their own body mechanics to keep themselves stable in the rope.

What should attendees bring to class?
Full rope kit
Ring, plate, ect...
Safety shears
This class is for everyoneLectureCommunication and Negotiation in New Fetish RelationshipsGrlee and P.E.T.EIn many conversations with people new to kink and fetish play, P.E.T.E. and GRLee have heard the concerns and frustrations of people attempting to communicate and negotiate their needs, wants and fantasies with others. This interactive presentation is an opportunity to address some of the issues and concerns that can help us manage these important communication and negotiation processes. Based on simple, yet important questions posed and a scene negotiation demo, the participants will be guided through some of the functional and necessary considerations for sustaining fulfilling, meaningful and safe connections.
This class is for everyoneDiscussion (Round table, panel, etc.)Kink-Ability: Considering ability in designing your kink experienceshoneybee_hiveDo you or a partner have a particular health or physical condition that gives you pause in your approach to kink? Expand your understanding of how to communicate your own consensual needs or how to ask different questions to ensure a positive and safer experience regardless of ability. Hear from panelists with various health/accessibility experiences and their approaches to safer kink, sex, and communication.What should attendees bring to class?
An open-mind and a willingness to ask questions and share experiences.
Rope - BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Introduction to Western BondageJake WingJake Wing will return to his roots and teach clean "wrap and cinch" western style rope bondage. It's a style seen in the Hollywood serials and detective magazines and in the pages of Harmony magazines from the previous century. "Damsels" (of any gender) in distress or stalwart heroes, captured by bad guys, struggle in Western style Bondage. We'll talk a little about the history of the style, and a little about safety. Then Jake will show you the ropes. There will be hands on instruction, so bring a partner and some rope.
History of Western Bondage
Rope material and lengths.
Wrist tie
Ankle Tie
Elbow Tie
What should attendees bring to class?
4 or 5 lengths of rope per tying pair. A cutting tool.
This class is for everyoneDemoActive Bottoming: How to Make Your Muscles Work for YOU!Jordyn and ToriLearn how to engage your body to help your top and, more importantly, yourself. In this demo based class, we will explore how to engage your body in multiple ways to help yourself within the ropes and assist your top in keeping you safe. This class does not require you to come as a pair or wear comfortable clothing; but, time allowing, we will provide a more hands-on approach to your specific challenges.n/a
This class is for everyoneActivityDo No Harm, Take No Shit: Dynamic Consent in a Post #MeToo WorldKamela[A note: I am aware this description is a bit provocative and the working title has a swear word in it, and I'm willing to work with you on changes if they're desired. Thanks.]

Historically, we in the kink community talk a good game about consent, but how well do we really do at it? Navigating the vast cultural shift we’re in is a challenge for everyone involved. How do we navigate consent when predators are so frequent, and overall trust so low? How do we cultivate radical trust – that element that is utterly necessary for the risk-aware exploration many of us long for? And when negotiation for most scenes begins and ends before play starts, what do we do when things go wrong?

These days, overt predators in the scene are (slowly) being uncovered and made unwelcome. But what about the rest of us? Many bottoms, subs, masochists and others still have trouble following their own instincts, recognizing a potential predator, and advocating for themselves. Many tops, dom/mes, sadists and others don’t want to harm anyone, but don’t have any models for how not to, even unintentionally.

This class seeks to empower both groups by tapping into empathy, gut instinct, self-control, and respect, all based in body awareness. We’ll work on finding where your yes, no, and maybe live in your body. We’ll talk about making your outward communication match your inner experience. We’ll talk about what to do if one of you stops having a good time. And we’ll learn how to negotiate collaboratively to create a container safe enough to explore your edgy desires within.
Rope - BeginnerHands-On (people participate)The Art of Undressing and use of Fabric in BondageKoalafied and RopespacedThere are many reasons people choose to use and incorporate clothing and fabric into their tying. Sometimes it's for aesthetic and photographic reasons. Other times its used to create specific sensations or emotions. Whatever your reason this class is going to go over very specific ways you can play, manipulate, and tie with clothing and fabric. We will show you how it can create more intimacy in your scene and how it can also be a very useful and readily available tool just like your rope. From beauty to function we are going to explore the creativity of a wider range of natural fibers.Prerequisites
How to tie a single column tie and a basic chest harness will be helpful
What should attendees bring to class?
4 to 6 hanks of rope and if possible a fabric from a bolt. 8 to 10 yards preferably. You can get tulle very cheap from fabric and craft stores. We will have some extra to share but it's best to bring your own in case we run out.
Rope - Advanced BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Floorwork 101Koalafied and RopespacedFloorwork can be taken in so many directions but there are some basic skills that will help you along the way. Weather your tying for sensual connection or sadistic torture. I will break down a few of my go to techniques for tying on the floor. You will learn body handling techniques, how to incorporate ties together and we will finish off with a quick and easy sequence you can easily add your own flair to.Prerequisites
How to tie a single and double column tie quickly
What should attendees bring to class?
4 to 8 hanks or rope. A mat or blanket to tie on for your comfort.
Rope - IntermediateHands-On (people participate)The 360 into Torsion Transition Starter PackKoalafied and RopespacedLooking to get into transitions but not sure where to start? The 360 transition from face up into an inversion and then into a face down is a great starter transition. We are also gonna throw in a fun torsion idea before touching back down for those looking for a longer sequence or more ideas of what you can do with a chest and hip harness.Prerequisites
Single column ties, how to tie basic harnesses and up lines.
What should attendees bring to class?
8-10 hanks of rope
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Intro to LyraLayla and TomFor those who want to try this fun and challenging apparatus! Learn how to mount the hoop, spin and dance in the air! Several different skills will be covered during class, no experience necessary. Class will start with a warm-up and strength building exercises, move to skills inside the aerial hoop, and finish with a stretch/cool-down. Students are recommended to wear tights/leggings and a tight fitting top, and to bring a water bottle.What should attendees bring to class?
Attendees should wear leggings/tights and bring a water bottle
Rope - Suspension AdvancedHands-On (people participate)Hip Opening TransitionsLazarus and smallineThis fun class will cover a multi-step transition sequence that opens the hips to ultimately turn the bottom into a large, suspended, human vagina. The sequence will cover a flexible hip/thigh harness that opens the body and allows for a range of motion in suspension. The sequence will also include single ankle techniques, vertical chest loading, and pretending the face is the clitoris.Prerequisites
This transition is intended for people with significant rope suspension experience who can safely and easily attach mainlines and limbs in the air. Bottoms and tops should be able to understand and clearly communicate needs and risks.

What should attendees bring to class?
Rope and suspension hardware kit.
Rope - BeginnerHands-On (people participate)EXPOSURE AND CLOSURELief Bound and IcarusHave you looked at a photo of a person exposed in rope? Have you wanted to get someone to that vulnerable spot or how it must feel like to be that vulnerable? In this class we will explore the physical and psychological ins and outs of exposure rope on the ground. How to tie exposing rope, how can we create these spaces of trust, and how can we begin to open up to more intense scenes of exposure. And once we have taken someone apart, how do we put them back together? In this class we will also discuss ways of aftercare and healing for exposure rope.Prerequisites
non-collapsing single column ties, structural body harnesses, and general rope safety knowledge.
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. Please do not bring any suspension gear, this intensive will be all floor work. Jute is the best for working with clothes and hemp as a close second. You can use synthetic fiber ropes however, I cannot vouch for how it will hold with clothing.

Clothes - Costume changes will be encouraged as we explore exposure during the intensive. Please bring a small duffle bag or backpack of shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, blazers, lingerie that you can part with if ripped or cut. Accessories such as shoes, scarves, bandanas, panty hose, etc. are welcome. The more you bring, the more we can play with.

Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. We will be checking at the beginning of class to make sure everyone has one. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises. DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT THIS.
Rope - IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Lief’s Hug Harness: A Hands in Front Suspendable HarnessLief Bound and IcarusDo you need an alternative to a TK that may be more sustainable? Lief has developed a load barring, suspendable arms in front chest harness that is perfect for those who want the structure of a TK but have chronic shoulder or wrist issues with arms behind positioning. This harness can be loaded from the front, back, or side and will be taught with adaptations to fit multiple body types. In this class Lief will do a step by step instruction on how to tie this harness. Then we will have the option to test it out in the air or just stay on the ground to tie. This harness is perfect for someone who wants to expand their repertoire or needs an alternative to a more traditional harness. At the end of this class you will have a new skill in your pocket to take with you on your rope journey!Prerequisites
Non-collapsing single column ties, rope suspension knowledge and practice. This shouldn’t be your first suspension class.
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. All suspension gear needed to create a point and uplines including suspension ring, climbing straps, and carabiners.
Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. We will be checking at the beginning of class to make sure everyone has one. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises. DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT THIS
Rope - AdvancedHands-On (people participate)WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS EXTRA BULLSHIT??: AN UPLINE MANAGEMENT CLASSLiefBound and IcarusYou know your harnesses, you know how to get someone in the air, but now you have to deal with uplines. Where do I tie off? What can I do with the extra rope? Our answer is to use it as a tool to enhance your mutual experience in rope with your partner. In this class, we will show different tie offs and give some ideas of how you can use uplines to add to your suspension. We will run through drills to practice uplines and to get your brain thinking quicker and to start to train your brain to think of using rope for connection. Our goal is to create a sense of connection, elicit emotions while still maintaining clean lines for a safe rope suspension.rerequisites
non-collapsing single column ties, structural body harnesses, rope suspension knowledge and practice. This shouldn’t be your first suspension class
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. All suspension gear needed to create a point and uplines including suspension ring, climbing straps, and carabiners.

Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. We will be checking at the beginning of class to make sure everyone has one. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises. DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT THIS.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)The Rope Chooses the Rigger: Bondage 101LubegirlGenerally when we think of Shibari and Suspension, natural fiber such as Jute and Hemp
come to mind as the rope of choice.

In this class, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of synthetics/natural fiber ropes, the differences in usage, and the basics of tying someone up.

While there will be time to test and workshop specific things learned in the class, this is a demonstration and discussion oriented class, with minimal hands on portions. Natural and synthetic ropes welcome in this class.
What should attendees bring to class?
3+ Hanks of Rope, Cutting Tool
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)Beating Suspension Stereotypes: Suspension for Larger IndividualsLubegirlDo you constantly find yourself tying folks taller than you? Is gravity getting you down when you're trying to lift someone into the air? Are you a bottom whose been told that because you're (insert excuse here) you can't be suspended? Come learn some ways to adapt your suspension that makes it easier on you and your bottom while perpetuating the idea that suspension can be for everyone.Prerequisites
Riggers should know both a suspension worthy chest(box tie/hands free) and lower body (waist/hip) harness, Bottoms should understand body awareness (Good vs Bad Pain) and communicate issues. Natural and Synthetic ropes welcome in this class.
What should attendees bring to class?
Full suspension kit (8-15 ropes, carabiners, straps, ring, etc), Cutting Tool
Rope - Advanced BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Body Manipulation for Tiny RiggersLubegirlAre you short in stature or used to tying individuals larger than yourself? Do you struggle with maintaining connection or manipulating their body that leaves you in control of the scene? Come learn some tricks and techniques for the ground that will make your scenes be a little less awkward and a little more natural.Prerequisites
Attendees should successfully know how to do a single column. Bottoms should understand body awareness(Good vs Bad Pain) and communicate issues.
What should attendees bring to class?
3+ Hanks of Rope, Cutting Tool
Rope - BeginnerLectureBottoming in Rope 101MagnoliaSo you saw rope pics on Fet and you really would like to try it . Whether you have a large rope community in your area or none at all ,where do you start or what do you do? This class is for individuals that are interested in rope , but want more information about how to do it in a safe manner. Or individuals that have some experience in rope but want even more info about anatomy , Safety, and Negotiations.No top needed but tops and bottoms are welcome!

something to write with
Rope - BeginnerLecturebottoming in rope 201MagnoliaSo now that you have had your first or second rope experience and you LOVED it , what’s next? When I first started in rope, a rigger told me he wanted to use a strappado armbinder on me, but I had no clue what that was! So I found an experienced rigger and he talked me through all the different basic rope ties, which made me feel like I could communicate better and make more informed decisions about rope. The importance of informed consent is why i developed this class. During it we will include an introduction to some of the popular chest harnesses, Hogties, Ichinawa, and partial suspension. Within those we will cover safety, placement, and basic rope terminology so you can effectively communicate with your Rigger. This class is Demo and open discussion, so you won’t need a top, but tops and bottoms are both welcome to attend.

something to write with
Rope - Suspension IntermediateDemoLeading the Dance because you CAN(Suspension Bottoming 201)March and PinchinawaThis lecture, demo, and discussion covers bottom-led rope experiences and why they are essential learning tools for both sides of play. We will talk about effective and compassionate language, applying body awareness to your advantage in suspension, non-verbal and verbal communication techniques that can keep the equilibrium fun and exciting in this dance we call rope bondage.Prerequisites
Attendees must have partial or full suspension experience
What should attendees bring to class?
Notebook and pen
This class is for everyoneDiscussion (Round table, panel, etc.)Bottoming RoundtableMarch and PinchinawaBottoming Roundtable is a discussion and support group for bottoming education and empowerment. The roundtable runs in a format where everyone who wishes to participate will get a chance to share their experiences related to rope bottoming and ask questions. Everyone is welcome. Rope bottoms, switches with their bottoming hats on. Tops who are willing to listen. All genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, body types, and experience levels welcome.Notebook & Pen
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Sustanable Ties for PhotoshootsMiss Acacia and Whiskey WitchHarnesses that allow for multiple shapes and movements while staying sustainable for the model during photoshoots. Photoshoots often require a different style of rope than playing; it needs to be sustainable for longer periods to allow a photographer to get the shot without wearing out or pushing the model too far. This class will cover a few good harnesses that allow for multiple positions and sustainability. We will go over how to add support when a model needs it and how to make slight changes that add to the amount of time a model has in the air.Prerequisites: Must have suspension experience; building anchor points, locking off and up-line management skills. Must have a suspendable hip harness.
What should attendees bring to class?
Suspension gear, safety shears, full rope kit for suspension
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Rope Bondage 101Miss Acacia and Whiskey WitchTBDTBD
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)Intermediate Self-Suspension with FutoMiss Acacia and Wonder WomanLift yourself into the air in a basic self-suspension that introduces and integrates a futomomo tie. While teaching the futomomo methods, we will focus on personal comfort and general up-line concepts. We will build a better understanding of the fundamentals of self-suspension by covering the following: safety and personal risks, making harnesses suspension friendly, and coming down from the air safely. We will also be discussing different hanger types, attaching up-lines to the basic harnesses, locking off up-lines to the hard point, and up-line mechanics and management while suspending.Prerequisites
Single column
What should attendees bring to class?
Suspension Gear : carabiners, slings, rings
Safety Shears
Minimum 6 hanks of rope
This class is for everyoneActivityKinky Polls for Kinky PeopleMistress SkyDo you like surveys? Do you say yes to taking polls? Are you a number lover? Well, bring your smartphone to Kinky Poll Central. Let's see how you stand compared to regional or national survey results on kink topics. You'll be able to see class responses on a big screen. No right or wrong answers but plenty of light discussion. Lots of surprises guaranteed.What should attendees bring to class?
A smartphone, ready to use via wifi.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Dance AcrobaticsMystic Scholar and Blondie BoundIn this partnered acrobatics workshop, you will learn how to do dynamic body movements with your partner including lifts and rotations.

Spotting will be shown and is required in order to participate. Spotting is a hands-on activity.
Must be able to support body weight. Bases must be able to lift another human. Fliers must be able to maintain body shape.
What should attendees bring to class?
Wear athletic clothing
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Intro to Acro ShibariMystic Scholar and Blondie BoundThis workshop will introduce the fusion concept of marrying shibari with acro-yoga. In this workshop, we will use basic ties with basic acro yoga movements to create a blended fusion of technique. You do not need to know shibari or acro yoga to enjoy this workshop.

Spotting will be shown and is required in order to participate. Spotting is a hands-on activity.
This class involves movement, balance, and physical exertion.
What should attendees bring to class?
2-3 lengths of rope, Wear Athletic Clothing
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Exit Strategies: Untying worth the waitNil and DavieYour scene doesn’t end when the up lines come down. Scene dynamic can be juiced until the last rope is removed from your bottom’s skin. Sustained rope tension is an articulation of sadistic intention. In this class we will explore maintaining contact and dynamic within the scene and how creating seamless transitions into aftercare empowers both top and bottom. Participants will understand how maintaining headspace evokes more catharsis because the climax of the scene becomes the release from rope and return to the body NOT the re-engagement with gravity, thus re-emphasizing rope as the implement of power.Prerequisites
Familiarity with rope- suspension experience optional
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope kit
This class is for everyoneDemoThe Dungeon, The Witch, and The WooNil and DavieScene intention is a hot topic in the kink community, but what does it mean to create a spiritual experience out of a scene? Learn how to effectively negotiate spiritual intention within a scene, create a container for sacred space in private or public settings, and incorporate the power of the metaphysical into play. Nil and Swytch will share their own journey of bringing witchery into kink, and provide resources for connecting with your personal flavor to create a truly transformative experience for you and your play partners. This class is designed to translate across all types of play, and is geared towards individual trying to increase the connectivity, spirituality, and overall intention of a scene.n/a
This class is for everyoneLecturePoly as a Second Language (aka Poly 101)Ode2Joy and BDSLRJoin Ode2Joy as she explores the "need to know" behind the mysterious world of polyamory. She'll talk about the basics of poly vocabulary as well as its practical side (it's not all orgies and orgasms!). She'll also delve into some of the more well known poly myths (such as poly people don't get jealous) and be open to questions from those dipping their toe into the poly pool. If you're considering choosing polyamory as a lifestyle or if you've been attempting it for a while and are full of questions, this is the class for you!n/a
Rope-tionary: Exercises in Communication via Bottom-Led Rope LabOde2Joy and BDSLREver played Pictionary? Get ready for a whole new take! In this hands on rope lab style class (inspired by and designed with permission from Fuoco), rope tops will be separated from rope bottoms while bottoms are given various step by step rope "positions," to include floor work, suspensions, and transition series. Tops will then be reintroduced to the class and bottoms will be required to communicate with their tops in order to direct them through the practice, *without* directly stating the end goal/position. The ultimate goal is to challenge the norm of typical bottoming communication and encourage tops to attempt to take direction from those in their rope. This class can also be participated in via self-tying.Prerequisites
Comfort and experience with upper body and lower body ties that are suspension worthy
Comfort and experience with transition suspension sequences
Comfort with and experience with upline management
What should attendees bring to class?
Basic rope kit, including carabiners if used, with two upline quality (7-8 meter) hanks and safety shears.
This class is for everyoneLectureMe, Myself, and Metamour: The Myths, Methods, and More of Sharing a PartnerOde2Joy and BDSLRIn the poly world, one of the biggest dreams isn't about finding the perfect partner, but the perfect metamour, a person who fits into your relationship structure, fulfills your communication needs, and overflows with compersion 24/7. Unfortunately, that dreamed for person isn't always the person your partner wants to get involved with. In this class, Ode2Joy will help attendees navigate the complicated interpersonal relationships created with you share a partner with others by breaking down her learned-through-experience methods of making things better with a metamour *or* making them worse! As a plus, she'll discredit a few metamour myths along the way.Prerequisites
Basic poly vocabulary
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Dirty Talking With Orion!OrionDo you have the sexed up mind of a BDSM pornstar? Is your head full of amazing words and phrases hotter than the hottest scene imaginable? Do these words fill your brain in the midst of a BDSM-filled rendezvous? Do you look up or back or down at him or her and say...nothing?

Welcome to the world of kinksters who face the ultimate type of evil bondage – getting tongue-tied. If you think you are a BDSM prude, or a Dapper Dan or Polite Pollyanna, RELAX. It happens to more people than you think – Dominant or Submissive, Top or Bottom, Kinkster, etc. And Dirty Talking challenges run the full spectrum of age, occupation, education, and years of kink experience.

Dirty Talking with Orion is intended to help you loosen up those sinister bonds and free the smoking hot kinkster that lives inside your head! We start with an icebreaker meant to have everyone relax and talk about their own issues. Some couples are unbalanced – with one partner very good at dirty talking and the other very intimidated. Some couples aspire to get down and dirty more often in the heat of an interlude. And some singles are hesitant to engage with those they fear are into dirty talking.

Orion will have participants go through a few exercises intended to loosen up tongues in a stress-free, judgment-free manner. Most participants are surprised at how well they do with these simple steps. Given a little confidence building with the support of all workshop members, we will do our best to release the foul-mouthed beast inside everyone's brain!

This workshop is great for singles and for couples where one or both partners get tongue-tied. It matters not what your experience is with kink, what your orientation is, and what your fetishes are. We are a full-service oratory kink facility! Come one, come all.
What should attendees bring to class?
Just their enthusiasm and participation!
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Choreography Toolbox for RopeOubliettaDynamic and memorable rope performance is not a mystery and there are other disciplines we can borrow great ideas from. In this class, we will learn how basic choreographic concepts and tactics borrowed from dance make designing and performing rope smoother and more successful. We will review how to choose and discuss music, how to design shape and movement to convey a concept, how to choreograph quickly, and how to rehearse effectively. This class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands on exercises. This class is ideally for tying pairs and self-suspenders, although individual tops and bottoms are welcome to audit and participate as much as possible.Prerequisites
Tying pairs should be willing to work within their skill set.
What should attendees bring to class?
Comfortable clothes and a notebook.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Belly dance basicsOubliettaThis class is for absolutely anyone who has ever been curious about belly dance. Learn the fundamentals of fusion belly dance as it is commonly practiced throughout North America and Europe - musicality, body isolation, and more.Prerequisites
You just need to have a body.
What should attendees bring to class?
Comfortable clothes, water, notebook.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Get low (Intro to floorwork dance)OubliettaThis workshop is about getting comfortable on the floor and moving sensually to music. We will explore ways to make long lines, create sexy and fun pathways and shapes and focus on combining movements seamlessly. We will learn both simple and challenging floor movements, with options available for beginner to advanced level dancers.Prerequisites
Body awareness (awareness of injuries in muscles, joints)
What should attendees bring to class?
Comfortable clothes, water, optional knee pads or over-the-knee socks.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)How to be Unforgettable in RopeOubliettaThis class is open to individual bottoms, tops, and tying pairs. We're all coming around to the idea that rope bottoms/models are not interchangeable props in a performance, and that they have everything to do with making the show succeed. Through a variety of exercises geared towards body awareness, expression, musicality, movement and connection with partner and audience, oublietta will help new and seasoned performers hone their craft.Prerequisites
Rope bottoms should not be completely new to rope in order to get the full benefit of the lecture, and tying pairs who try the exercises in rope should work within their abilities.
What should attendees bring to class?
Comfortable clothing and notebooks.
Social EventPJ PartyPhoenix83Come have fun with games, pajama contests and new friends!!
There will be prizes for craziest, sexiest , most original pajamas and more!!
Must be ready to have fun and be silly!
What should attendees bring to class?
This class is for everyoneDemoFlameless Florescent Wax Play Under The Black Light + Candle Making DemoPrettySubFemale and BeMyToyCome let us show you how erotic, kinky and photogenic hot waxing your partner can be! This class features a demonstration of wax play made safe & easy without the worry and hassle of an open flame.

We’ll be waxing under the black light using fluorescent candles for an extra cool effect!

Although we will have a demo bottom for this class, there will be time to try out our glow wax at the end of the class on yourself or on your partner.

Class includes a make your own wax play candle demo too!

Come experience just how hot, sexy and kinky wax play can be.
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)Intro to Self SuspensionQatherineIn self-suspension, a single person takes the role of top and bottom, allowing for a unique and self-directed experience in rope. This introductory-level class will go over the risks of self-suspension and the measures we can take to mitigate these risks. We will then go through a basic face-up suspension, covering a chest harness, hip harness, hangers, and tie-off techniques.Prerequisites
Ability to tie a non-collapsible single column (e.g. Somerville bowline), understanding of forward and reverse tension, knowledge of half hitches.
What should attendees bring to class?
A strap, suspension ring/carabiners, basic rope suspension kit, an emergency cutting tool.
Rope - Suspension AdvancedHands-On (people participate)Agura self-suspension sequenceQatherineThe agura is a tie with legs crossed in a seated position. While often used in floor work (e.g. ebi/shrimp tie), the agura can also be used to create unique shapes and sensations in suspension. In this class, we will learn an agura pattern and go through a self-suspension transition sequence, including upright and inverted positions. Bring a long strap for this sequence, as the self-suspender needs to reach their ring from a seated position!Prerequisites
Ability to tie a suspension-worthy chest harness, knowledge of hangers and uplines, comfort with principles of self-suspension.
What should attendees bring to class?
A long strap, suspension ring/carabiners, basic rope suspension kit, an emergency cutting tool.
Rope - Advanced BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Frictions and Hitches LabRopespacedSo you've got the basics down? Check! But now you want to know how to tie more intermediate harnesses? Or maybe you've been in a class where the instructor tells you to create a half-moon and you don't know what they're talking about? Then it's time to learn about frictions and hitches and how you can use them to create structure and stability in your ties. This class is going to focus on commonly used frictions and hitches, break down how they work, and show some examples of them in use. From finger techniques to placement and direction, this class will have you tying it all together in no time.Prerequisites
Single-column tie, some basic rope terminology.
What should attendees bring to class?
2-4 hanks of rope, safety shears.
This class is for everyoneLectureBeyond the Kitchen Table: Parallel PolyamoryRose of SaltMany polyamorous “authorities” can present kitchen-table or full-entwinement cohabitating groups as the holy grail of polyam interactions, and while these are valid relationship styles that work well for many people, boundaries and relationship shapes that fall outside that framework can be equally positive and healthy, and giving folks the tools to more intentionally approach these issues can help avoid guilt and bad feelings around them.

These alternatives include various shades of parallel relationship; this class will focus on being intentional about your choice of how much to interact with your partners’ wider networks and how to openly communicate the sometimes awkward subjects of:
- how to be entwined in someone’s life but not best buddies with a meta;
- how to separate individual activities and milestones from an overall sense of how increasing intimacy in a relationship works (aka ‘stepping off the relationship escalator’);
- how to negotiate wanting a different level of interaction than a given meta does;
- basics on balancing D/s concerns with poly concerns;
- and how to consider differences in interest and temperament while maximizing personal responsibility and minimizing stress added on hinge partners.
We'll review some definitions in class but a basic understanding of polyamory as a relationship style and the concept of the relationship escalator are helpful background knowledge.
What should attendees bring to class?
Themselves and their open minds
This class is for everyoneLecturePolyamory and Power ExchangeRoseofSaltPower Exchange Relationships, or D/s relationships, are a subset of BDSM that can take many forms and degrees, and that share as a common thread negotiated inequality between partners - control being largely or entirely held by one partner. The common language of polyamory and polyamorous theory can at times seem to be at odds with this, because of the focus on autonomy, personal responsibility, and intensive and ongoing communication and boundaries. This class is going to break down some common problems encountered when combining D/s dynamics and polyamorous relationship styles, and offer some strategies for working through those common pitfallsPrerequisites
None, although a basic understanding of polyamory as a relationship structure is helpful.
What should attendees bring to class?
Themselves and their open minds.
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)A yokozuri transition sequence samjay and Zero-GBack in the day, everyone's first suspension was a boring side suspension that's now considered passe. We show you how to develop a full suspension transition sequence through five positions from lift-off to dismount with a focus on aesthetics, poses, levels and interactions at each step.Prerequisites
This class is for suspension-capable pairs with solid upline management. No specific patterns are required. Any suspendable chest harness or box tie will do.
What should attendees bring to class?
A partner, a hardpoint attachment and at least 7 standard length ropes.
Rope - Suspension IntroDemoAt least 10 ways to solve problems in the airsamjay and Zero-GEven with experienced tying pairs, perfect tension and precise placement, problems can happen in the air. Fixing problems in the air comes down to prevention, identification and solving problems quickly. We will talk through step by step our standard triage routine through various simulated issues to ensure everyone has the knowledge they need to go up and come back down as safely as possible. This class will be a discussion and demo class. Partners are not required, but people are invited to bring one rope, which they can tie onto themselves. This class is for those approaching suspension or are new to suspensions. Experienced suspenders may pick up or share ideas.Prerequisites
Be able to tie a single column tie.
What should attendees bring to class?
One rope. No partners are required.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Getting the most out of Labbing, Best Practices samjay and Zero-GSo you saw something on the internet and now you want to try it, don't you? In this hands-on class, we will go from a photo image of a tie, to explore hands-on how you can lab this tie at your level, with an emphasis on finding ways to both succeed but also to really enjoy the time with your partner. Ideas on best practices along both dimensions will be explored. Part of this is an attitude that technical success isn't a goal in itself, but rather an opportunity for curiosity to discover more about your partner through the experience.Prerequisites
Attendees should be familiar with single column ties and have a few patterns that can be safely tied.
What should attendees bring to class?
A partner and 3 to 10 ropes depending on your skill level. For advanced partners, suspensions rigs will be provided, but labbing as floorwork is preferred to start.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Exotic Floorwerk and TwerkSara Without an HRelease your inner diva! Bring out your sexy heels and learn to work the floor! Class will include strutting, body waves, heel clacks, and twerking! Learn how to slither and slide with crawls, shoulder rolls and more. Class will begin with a warm-up, move to floorwork skills and combos, and end with a short choreographed routine. Recommended attire includes heels with at least a 1” platform and leggings/legwarmers/knee pads to cover your knees.What should attendees bring to class?
Wear clothing that you can move in, suggested to wear knee pads, leg warmers, or tall socks. Dress as sexy as you like, heels optional.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Intro To BurlesqueSara without an HBring out your sultry side by learning the art of the tease! Curious about burlesque? Want to learn new ways to seduce your partner or add to your performances? Learn how to strut, temp and tease with glove peels and other reveals! Class will begin with a warm-up, move to peels and reveals, and end with a short choreographed routine. Recommended attire includes gloves, scarf or boa, and heels.What should attendees bring to class?
Wear clothing that you can move in, suggested to bring a scarf or boa, dress as sexy as your would like, heels optional
Rope - IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Sadistic Rope - Foot and Toe TortureSassori DAs an intermediate course, sadistic rope 201 explores the fantastic world of feet. As part of advancing students understanding of modifications of ties to suit sadistic intent, this class presents both floor ties and partial suspensions designed to inflict pain in a risk aware fashion. Not for the feint of heart (or sensitive of foot) this class explores construiction, body manipulation and leverage mechanics for the purpose of making the smallest parts of the body speak the loudest.

This class has 3 main sections:

Toe and Calf Articulation
Foot Torture floor ties
Single Toe Partial Suspensions
Attendees should be able to tie their shoes.
What should attendees bring to class?
Tools Required
- 3 to 4 hanks of 8m 5-7mm rope (non-cored rope required)
- Safety shears / Rope Cutting Implement
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Thai for Tying (and other fun stuff)sepeissaThai for Tying is an introduction to the benefits of Thai-style massage and its ability to provide enhanced before- and after-scene care. All participants will learn how to create intimacy with an informed touch.
We will combine the poses and stretching of yoga with massage techniques using gentle to deep pressure (depending on your tolerance of sensation…). It is a modality that is beneficial for bottoms to learn for their tops achey post-scene (or everyday) aches, and equally so for tops/riggers to lovingly warm their bottoms’ bodies for the impact/binding/debauchery that lies ahead.
The class is for all levels of ability and/or experience. Participants should be comfortable physically on their knees for up to 15 minutes of time and should have no active joint or muscle trauma, nor any recent surgery.
What should attendees bring to class?
Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and extra padding (pillow, blanket, mat) if possible for kneeling on.
This class is for everyoneActivityNude YogasepiessaThe class begins with a brief introduction to yoga and its benefits. After disrobing (or not) we will begin by warming up the body and clearing out mental busy-ness so we might truly soften and be immersed in the experience. We will explore kink-friendly yoga poses, breathwork and focus techniques to promote flexibility and living your best life here at the con, and out in the world. Finally, we will wrap up with some deep relaxation intended to renew and revitalize us for the day and evening ahead.Prerequisites
All levels, abilities, and body types are welcome. Wear clothing (or not) that allows you to stretch and feels comfortable.
What should attendees bring to class?
Be sure to bring a yoga mat (if you have one) or a blanket with some padding. An extra blanket or beach towel is a good idea.
Sold OutSold OutIntensive: F*ck PatternsShakti & Lexa GraceSold Out
Intensive: F*ck PatternsShakti & Lexa GraceSold Out
This class is for everyoneActivityFind Your Flow - Hoop ClassShakti Bliss BunnyShakti Bliss will not only walk through beginner off body hula hooping tricks, but show you how to link on body/off body tricks, how to ground your feet and unleash your flow to the music. As we discover new combinations for flashy tricks we will center inside our own bodies and enjoy the feeling of moving with our breath.

It would help to have hooping experience especially with on body hula hooping.
What should attendees bring to class?
Open minds and any flow props they wish to use. Hoops provided.
Rope - BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Futomomos and Futo no-no'sShakti Bliss Bunny and Lexa GraceIn this class Lexa will teach about the futomomo. Whereas, a lot of riggers think a futomomo is a set pattern, in reality it is simply the name of the position the leg is tied in and translates directly to "fat leg" in Japanese. We will discuss what makes a futomomo suspension worthy as well as some floor variations. So, let Lexa teach you the concepts, possibilities and variations to build off of and create a ton of different possibilities and variations.Prerequisites
Students should know how to tie a non collapsible single column tie.
What should attendees bring to class?
Students should have 3 lengths of rope and a cutting tool.
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)Torturous PartialsShakti Bliss Bunny and Lexa GraceA lot of people view partials as the gateway to full suspension, but the mischievous rigger realizes they can be a fun treat all on their own. In this class Lexa will guide you through a variety of possibilities that will leave your bottom begging for a full suspension (or possibly just begging for more depending on their level of masochism).Prerequisites
Students should know how to tie a suspendible chest harness, a non collapsible single column tie and should have previous experience with Upline attachment and lock off
What should attendees bring to class?
Students should bring 6-8 lengths of rope, a point to work off of and a cutting tool
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Rope FreestyleShakti Bliss Bunny and Lexa GraceAn exercise in tension and frictions: In this class, Lexa forgoes the patterns and focuses on teaching you to utilize these tools in creative, free form ways. The finished ties will immobilize the bottom, but not in a planned or symmetrical way. Students will fine tune their skills while learning how to use them in an organic way that forgoes traditional rope “rules”. So often we get caught up in following a pattern or having a specific goal in mind for how something "should look". Especially in the beginning of our rope journey, this can leave us disconnected from our partner with them writing grocery lists in their mind instead of being present in the moment with us. This exercise is one that can be repeated over and over and will never have the same result. It's a great practice to take home, that will improve your rope handling, while simultaneously allowing you to be in the moment.Prerequisites
This class is suitable for students of all skill levels.
What should attendees bring to class?
Students should have between 3-6 lengths of rope.
This class is for everyoneLectureRack Me Up" Risk Awareness for BondageShayRisk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) is outpacing Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) as a model for What It Is That We Do (WIITWD) – and soon acronyms may take over BDSM completely! While there's a lot of lip service paid to the concept, are we really practicing RACK? We spend a lot of time talking about the "consent" part (rightfully), and "kink" is pretty much a given. However, "risk awareness" is often assumed. Shay will start this session with a self-assessment that includes questions about many aspects of bondage safety and risk mitigation, and use this as an outline to discuss risk awareness, from specific health considerations to vetting your partner (including demos designed to enhance your ability to assess your partner's safety and expertise). They will also discuss the science on human risk evaluation (spoiler alert: we suck at it, but can learn to be better), and the distinction between hazards, risks, and things that are scary. Rather than promoting "one true way," they will encourage you to develop your individual risk tolerance profile and "budget" your risk. Folks interested in all aspects of rope (tying, being tied, self-tying, etc) are welcome to attend.n/a
Rope - BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Bedroom Bondage for BeginnersShayThis is the perfect class for you if your bondage skills begin and end with tying your shoes! Basic bondage safety, building a rope kit, negotiation for bondage, and risk awareness will be discussed. After this foundation, we'll build into the hands-on portion. Shay will teach two straightforward ties, and how to apply these to create dozens of bondage positions, including a hog tie, spread eagle, frog tie, box tie position (hands behind back), and more!What should attendees bring to class?
Two pieces of 15' rope, 6mm thickness, is ideal for this class. Most rope materials (nylon, hemp, jute, cotton, etc) are fine. Longer pieces are OK, and we will have some rope to loan folks who need it!
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)Tying & Flying: Self-Suspension 101ShaySelf-suspension can be used for dynamic movement, exploring intense sensation, performance, learning partnered bondage, ritual, and more. After a discussion of general principles and safety considerations specific to self-suspension, participants will practice support line skills and be guided through a basic face-up self suspension, with a possible transition to an inversion.Prerequisites
* This class is intended as a "101" level introduction to self-suspension. Attendees should have experience with tying on the ground (as both a top and bottom, and/or self-tying), and be very comfortable with non-cinching single column ties. In order to self-suspend in class, participants should review the health evaluation articles below, and have body & risk awareness to participate at a level that is safe(r) for them.
What should attendees bring to class?
A basic rope suspension kit:

Rated rope for uplines highly recommended.
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Flipping Out: 2-Point Dynamic SuspensionsShayExplore the acrobatics and freedom of movement that rope can offer! This playful & unorthodox rig lends itself well to silly and exhibitionistic scenes… or to nasty predicaments! Shay will discuss the general principals of this type of suspension and specific safety concerns. She will then show several variations on a 2-point dynamic suspension. The hands-on portion of the class focuses on attaching from just the hips (using a woven hip harness). This class is very self-suspension friendly. Bring your rope kit if you’d like to practice along with the floorwork, and as time/equipment allows, we’ll get you in the air!Prerequisites
Tops: This is a fast-moving class that assumes an intermediate level of suspension knowledge – it is not appropriate for bondage beginners. Tops should know, at minimum, suspension-ready chest harness, attaching support lines, and basics of evaluating hard points and negotiation for bondage. While a woven hip harness will be reviewed in class, familiarity with this type of tie will be advantageous.
Bottoms: Body and health awareness to participate safely at a level that’s appropriate for your body. Mobile suspensions are not necessarily strenuous (they can be quite comfortable), but getting the most out of mobile suspensions requires body awareness.
Self-suspenders: Same requirements as for tops AND bottoms.
What should attendees bring to class?
Your basic suspension kit ( Nylon or MFP rope for the hip harness (2 x 30') is recommended. Two rated ropes for uplines are required; Shay will have Amsteel to loan. At least two carabiners. If you have swivels or climbing straps/spansets, please bring those! Bottoms/self-suspenders should ideally wear snug leggings/tights.
Beginner knowledgeLectureElectric Play - A shockingly fun timeSir Bis and Sara without an HHave you ever been interested in electric play? Join me for a discussion on electric negotiation, safety, techniques, types of violet wands, how to get started shocking your partners for pleasure. This class with include time for discussion, demonstration, and an opportunity to feel the power.n/a
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Self Defense - Aware and PreparedSir ViceThe goal of this workshop is to give you some basic tips for being able to defend yourself starting with spotting warning signs and thinking ahead. This focuses on developing situational awareness, assessing body language & behavior, defusing a potential situation, and defending your boundaries. Discussion is accompanied with practical exercises and demonstrations.n/a
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Connection through Latin DancesoumiseLatin dance relies on the hands and eye contact for the main conduits of communication between partners. Because the points of connection are smaller in these dance styles than the smooth ballroom styles, there is a different level of focus and connection between the partners. Leaders will learn to communicate intention and control and followers will improve their abilities to respond and act all while learning some sexy Latin style ballroom dance steps. Great for those who have never danced as well as those looking for new tricks to intensify their connections. If you come without a partner we will allow time to see if there anyone else needing a partner for the class, but it is not guaranteed.What should attendees bring to class?
Footwear that is secure on feet. This is a partnered class, so bringing a partner is encouraged.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Power Exchange and Communication Through Ballroom DancesoumiseLearn new communication skills and experience a power exchange at a totally different level while you pick up new moves to show off on the dance floor. The roles of leader and follower are both of equal importance in a successful partnership, but the responsibilities of each are very different. Whether you think you have 2 left feet or are ready to appear on "Dancing With the Stars", you will have fun exploring relationship dynamics and communication through this non-traditional approach. If you come without a partner we will allow time to see if there anyone else needing a partner for the class, but it is not guaranteed.What should attendees bring to class?
Wear footwear that is secure on your feet. This is a partnered class, bringing a partner is encouraged.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Mindfulness Through MovementsoumiseBarre a Terre or floor barre is like taking a ballet class laying on the floor. With this simple change, the perception of where your body is in space is altered and increased focus and awareness is needed to control the isolated movements. In addition to the improved mind body connection, this class helps with postural alignment, gently increases joint flexibility (especially of the hip and ankle joints), works the core and helps with balance. No dance background is needed.Prerequisites
No previous knowledge, but the class takes place on the floor so the ability to get on and off of the floor unassisted is needed.
What should attendees bring to class?
You will need a length of rope that is at least 8 feet long (softer fiber rope – eg nylon - may be more comfortable for this purpose). Several of the exercises will involve lying on the floor (if you want to bring a towel or mat with you).
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Explorations of Self-TyingStranger Friend and EmbonamieWhy self-tie? This class will explore that question and more. We will discuss a variety of intentions behind self-tying, then create a space for sharing self-tying tips and for practicing tying up your own body (no matter your flexibility level, gender, or body type). The specific ties we explore in class will primarily be based on the participants' interests.Bring to class
Rope to tie with
Rope - Suspension IntroHands-On (people participate)"Hammock" Self-SuspensionStranger Friend and EmbonamieAlready familiar with tying basic harnesses and uplines? Interested in self-suspension, but not sure where to start? Curious about an efficient, straightforward way to get yourself into the air? This class is for you! This face-up, Hammock-style self-suspension is a comfortable-(ish) starting point for a variety of transitions. This class will include very brief refreshers of a basic chest harness, hip harness, hangers, and uplines, and then a walk-through guide of a Hammock self-suspension.Prerequisites
Be familiar with basic harnesses and uplines for suspension. Must know a single column tie.
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope and suspension hardware.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)“Rope + Dildo = Dildosaurus Sex!”Stranger Friend and EmbonamieSex isn’t just in the hips. This creative class is not bound by conventional dildo strap-on placement. Want to tie a dildo to your boot? Chest? Anywhere you want?! What may start out as quirky shenanigans can lead to pleasurable explorations of some dildo-tastic possibilities for queer sex and sex for bodies with different abilities. BYOD (Bring Your Own Dildos!)What should attendees bring to class?
Rope and a dildo with a flared base (there will be a few extras)
This class is for everyoneFloggingSwitcherBring your flogger if you have one!
Rope- BeginnerHands-On (people participate)Rope FoundationsTempo & Johanna JuteIn a house-building analogy, when you build a house you always start with a foundation. The wonderful thing about foundations in rope is that you use it every time you pick up rope. This class, ROPE 101, starts with a lecture on rope vocabulary, materials, basic anatomy and physiology, and safety concerns. The class then moves into a hands-on workshop with what Tempo calls “HOLMS”, the five knots that Tempo uses in all his scenes.Prerequisites
No prior knowledge necessary but would be useful to have a working knowledge of consent, negotiation, and risk management.
What should attendees bring to class?
Students are encouraged to bring a safe cutting device and at least one (1) piece rope at least 15-30 ft long. Also suggested is a mat or blanket for sitting on the floor.
ActivityKinky Sex and Porn TriviaTickle CarlWhether you joined the scene today, or have been in it since Oscar Wilde was a boy, this is the trivia show for you. Test your knowledge and learn new tricks during a deep and penetrating examination of all things kinky. This Trivia event is interactive with no teams, writing, or scoring, so don't worry about coming by yourself or coming late. Just come. The first person to yell out the correct answer will get a (small) prize. You have to be right, fast, and loud! And being very kinky helps.n/a
CircusHands-On (people participate)Introduction to partner acrobaticsTom and LaylaThis class is for those who want to become the apparatus or learn how to fly on others. Learn about basic safety, counterbalances, and holds. The class will start with a warm-up, then move to several different drills to connect with a partner and/or partners, perform various skills and end with a cool-down. Students are recommended to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. Also, you don't need to bring a partner to experience this class, come one and all.What should attendees bring to class?
loose clothing and a water bottle
Intermediate knowledge (Pre Reqs Required)Hands-On (people participate)"Yes, And": Applying Improv Principles to RopeTyler MorpheusThis class will give students a crash course in the principles and techniques used by improvisers to create and sustain grounded scenes--and will explore how we can apply those same methods to our rope scene-building. Through in-class practice, students will learn how to use improv techniques to enrich the mental and emotional experiences they already enjoy; try out new ones; or just fuck around. Think Whose Line Is It Anyway? but with rope.

Ideas covered will include the all-important "Yes, And"; emotional heightening; physicality; and more!
- Single-column tie
What should attendees bring to class?
- At least one length of rope
- A willingness to be silly in front of others!
Rope - IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Bound in a MinuteWhomping WillowFrom a cuff to a corset, this class is the answer to anyone who's ever complained that rope bondage takes too long. Willow will discuss ways to increase your efficiency in motion and teach specific patterns to capture your partner that are quick and devilishly effective! This class can cover, sadistic, structural, and/or decorative ties, depending on the participants’ interests.Prerequisites
No specific skills required, just a general familiarity with rope (single/double column ties, some harness work etc.)
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope and a partner or a willingness to make friends.
This class is for everyoneHands-On (people participate)Different Types of Connection in Rope: A TasterWillow Howls & RubyWant your rope to be more lighthearted, dominant or mean? This class will cover several different ways to approach rope handling with tricks you’ll be able to repeat with your partner(s) after this class. Willow will spend time covering sadistic rope, improv/silly rope and dominant rope as well as how you can adapt movements to better suit your bodies abilities. This class will be hands on, leaving plenty of time to practice what you’ve learned!Prerequisites
Open to all levels. This will be a very hands on class, it is recommended that you come with a tying partner or you will have to find a partner to work with during class.
What should attendees bring to class?
This class requires at least 3x30 foot bundles of rope and a safety cutting tool. This class will have a limited amount of rope and shears to loan out to people who need it.
Rope - Suspension IntermediateHands-On (people participate)Willow’s Bombproof Hip HarnessWhomping WillowWillow’s signature hip harness is fast, easy to tie, and is designed to be comfortable on most bodies. It can be used for suspension in any position and is extremely resilient when used in transitions. Some have said this is the last hip harness you’ll ever need!

The class will include several demos of this harness to show its effectiveness in both simple and advanced suspensions. Willow will cover the best places to attach uplines and suggested modifications to better fit the harness to the bottom. Those with prior suspension experience are welcome to play with this versatile harness off the ground.
For the harness itself: No specific skills required, just a general familiarity with rope (single/double column ties, etc.)
Prior suspension experience required for any who wish to lab it in partial or full suspensions.
What should attendees bring to class?
Rope! Partner optional.
RelationshipsPractical Skills for Open RelationshipsYanaAll relationships take work. But sometimes non-monogamous relationships specifically can require us to be especially attentive to communication, self-awareness, and potentially sticky subjects like jealousy, boundaries, and asking for what we want & need. To help with these efforts, this workshop presents essential skills to successfully navigating your non-monogamous relationships including:
- identifying root feelings to jealousy
- how to manage & cope with jealousy
- how to respond to your jealous partners
- effective emotional communication
- setting healthy boundaries & making needs requests rather than enacting control
- creating gradual relationship agreements that work for you & your partner/s
- relational rupture repair
- and therapeutic interventions & theories that’ve proven helpful to my non-monogamous clients in my work as a therapist
This workshop will be part lecture, part discussion, and part interactive practice with communication skills, boundary-setting, and making effective requests of our partners. Participants of the workshop will get access to online resources including helpful worksheets & exercises to do by yourself and/or with your partners as well as article, book, and other resource recommendations for non-monogamous folks.
SocialThe Ties that BonndWillow Howls and BlakSynEver wish you could meet and kick it with other people of color (POC) who love rope? Are you a fan of your rope community but still find yourself wishing there was more racial diversity in the scene? Join us for this low key mixer!!

The Ties that Bond is a social event aimed at gathering ropey people of color together to grow community, meet new rope partners and build connections between people across regions!!! Your organizers Willow_Howls(she/her) and BlakSyn(they/them) will be facilitating discussion topics of interest and will help answer any questions brought up.

All non white individuals and their allies are welcome to attend but please understand that this mixer is centered around people of color specifically, as many of us experience tokenism, fetishization and underrepresentation in the wider kink community.