Ropenspace: a facilitated self-organizing peer education run on Open Space Technology

Imagine a room full of people sharing one passion: rope bondage. Students, teachers, enthusiasts, tops, bottoms, newbies, “Old Knotty” types. All together in the same place.

Imagine the freedom to ask all of them – the entire room – any question you had about rope. Imagine being able to tell them about your particular passion – suspension, predicament, cbt, performance, left-handed traditional Celtic weaves.

Whatever it is, they want to hear you share it.

And they’re going to share their passions, too.

Japanese bondage. Arms-free chest harnesses. Orgasmic hip weaves. Agonizing torture ties. Leather and rope and service and sex and consent and nasal passage predicament play. Yeah. That actually happened.

Imagine a space where instead of the staff telling you what to learn, they ask ”What do you want to do?” And then help you figure out how to do it.

Imagine a space where all this happens for hours, classes changing into discussions flowing into skillshares with rope, rope, and more rope.

That’s what a ROPENSPACE is – a completely unique experience custom-made to fit your interests, your skills, your passion. Of course, there is one thing that you have to do to make sure that happens: Attend!