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TitleDateStart TimeEnd TimeLevelBring to ClassDescriptionPresenters/Hosts
Cocktails & Mocktails3/16/20218:30 PM10:00 PMJoin Skyla and Ozma as we kick back and talk rope, kink, pandemic and mix up the drinks we planned on sharing with you all at Tethered Together 2020. Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic recipes will be provided and you are also welcome to share with us your own rope-themed mixers!
Drinks that will be mixed are listed below - or feel free to make whatever cocktail or mocktail you wish:
also known as a French Martini
alcohol - version: Vodka, Pineapple juice, Chambord (or other raspberry liqueur)
non-alcohol version: Pineapple Juice, and raspberry syrup/or fresh raspberries
Lasso of Truth
also known as a Garden Gin & Tonic
alcohol-version: gin, vermouth, orange bitters, tonic water, Garnishes: strawberries, grapefruit, lemon, cucumber, lavender sprig (or whatever you have on hand!)
non-alcohol version: Tonic water with fruity garnishes listed above
Skyla & Ozma
Composition of Closeness3/19/20217:00 PM8:30 PMThis class is for everyoneAttendees don't need to bring anything.How do we create experiences full of intimate moments that open us and our partners to new sensations and heighten enjoyment?

How do we create intentional moments of intimacy that create a space for ourselves and our partners to feel their best in our care?

Creating intentional moments even when we’re improvising with rope.

The rope is a tool, the rope partner is the subject of the scene. Every rigger can benefit from letting intimacy guide their rope practice. Our rope & intimacy go hand in hand. Our rope helps us to build that intimacy.

In the workshop we explore:

Intimacy in rope bondage

Safety & risk management

Intimate aftercare

Cultivating relationships with rope partners

How to organically create and sustain closeness during rope play

This class includes demos
Lotus Ropewolf & Blane
Come to the Dark Side: Rope for the total Beginner3/19/20217:00 PM8:30 PMRope - BeginnerPlease bring 1-3 lengths of rope. This class can be self tied or tied with a partner.So, you want to do rope? In this class, we will start from the ground up, learning some basic safety and terminology, before moving on to learning functional ties you can immediately begin to use in your practice. We will learn a single column tie, a double column tie, and a simple chest harness. We will also talk about things to watch out for, and some safety and body awareness for bottoms.Pepper_pots
Squishy Rope Social3/19/20218:30 PM10:00 PMThis class is for everyoneAn open mindEver feel like you don’t see enough representation of fat bodies in rope? Feel frustrated when you attempt a class or tutorial, only to realize you can’t reach, ties don’t work for your body or the rope is just a bit too short? Come (virtually) hang out with other squishy rope enthusiasts, share advice and talk with others about tying squishy bodies and adapting ties to make them work for fat bodies. Come with questions or things you’d like to discuss! Sharing your own tips is encouraged.

This social is open to rope folks of all genders, bodies, and skill levels. You do not have to identify as fat to attend, but the organizer has reclaimed this term for themself. The format of this is a social/skill share; and not a class. Please come with questions and be ready to engage with others.
Go Play With Yourself- Grounded Self-Ties3/20/202110:00 AM11:30 AMRope - Advanced BeginnerRope, cutters, and anything else they require for self tyingSelf tying can be so grounding, literally. In this class I’ll utilize personal demonstration, verbal instruction, and my sidesplitting sense of humor to inspire some new and innovative ways to explore floor-based self-tying and tormenting. Playing with yourself has never been this fun! We'll also go over safety elements and other considerations. There will be time for self-tie play, during which I’ll provide suggestions/input if desired, and answer any questions.Air
Beyond the Kitchen Table: Modes and Models of Parallel Polyamory3/20/202111:35 AM1:00 PMThis class is for everyone-An open mind and a sense of humor
-If they'd like, something to take notes with
Many polyamorous “authorities” can present kitchen-table or full-entwinement cohabitating groups as the holy grail of polyam interactions, and while these are valid relationship styles that work well for many people, boundaries and relationship shapes that fall outside that framework can be equally positive and healthy, and giving folks the tools to more intentionally approach these issues can help avoid guilt and bad feelings around them.

These alternatives include various shades of parallel relationship; this class will focus on being intentional about your choice of how much to interact with your partners’ wider networks and how to openly communicate the sometimes awkward subjects of:
- how to be entwined in someone’s life but not best buddies with a meta;
- how to separate individual activities and milestones from an overall sense of how increasing intimacy in a relationship works (aka ‘stepping off the relationship escalator’);
- how to negotiate wanting a different level of interaction than a given meta does;
- basics on balancing D/s concerns with poly concerns;
- and how to consider differences in interest and temperament while maximizing personal responsibility and minimizing stress added on hinge partners.
Laura (RoseofSalt)
Building an Agura with Fundamentals3/20/202111:35 AM1:00 PMRope - BeginnerRope, notebookThe agura is a simple, versatile position that can be used for many types of play. After reviewing fundamentals and discussing the agura position, we will build a simple agura tie and show a few of the many ways you can work an agura into your play. From bedroom bondage to torture and even suspension, the agura is a useful building block that can be used often in your rope journey.12cats & Nevertheless
Intro to Flow Arts3/20/20211:35 PM3:00 AMThis class is for everyoneIf you're into dance and movement but haven't picked up a prop yet, now is your chance! We will take a look at a few of the different props available in the flow arts world and show you the types of movement you can achieve with each one to help you determine which prop might be for you. Many flow artists are even multi-proppers, perhaps you will be too, but it's difficult to know where to start and that's where we come in!Mx.HelloKatie & Thunder
Futomomo Frenzy3/20/20211:35 PM3:00 PMThis class is for everyone2-3 hanks of ropeMy Warhol Futomomo Series garnered quite a bit of attention and became the fixation of more than a few quarantined self-tiers. By popular request, I will gladly share my secrets!
Class will begin with a quick poll, so think about which ones you'd like to go over: https://imgur.com/a/RBHU50T
Willow will work through as many as he can: how to tie it, practical uses, decorative options, adaptations, etc.
Willow (Whomping)
How to Cohabit Without Hating Your Partners3/20/20213:05 PM4:30 PMThis class is for everyoneQuestions! This class is part lector but we do a lot of discussion. Something to take notes with.Poly folks have a LOT of questions about cohabiting. And that’s understandable. Sharing a home with a single partner is one of those things that can go really right, or really wrong. Add more partners into the household and the benefits and hazards multiply. And unfortunately for the many poly folks who cohabit with their partners now or aspire to in the future, answers can be hard to come by.

In this class we combine our years helping clients overcome cohabiting challenges with our personal experience with having a poly household to give you a crash course on how to live with your partners — regardless of the number. We cover making decisions, dividing time, splitting chores, managing finances, parenting, sex, and more. The class includes a Q&A session at the end, so come prepared to ask your cohabiting questions.
Kinky Cassie & Rigel
Evaluating Harnesses & Hangers: A beginner suspension class for the intermediate rope top3/20/20213:05 PM4:30 PMRope - IntermediateBring enough rope for your harnesses and 4 or 5 more for up-lines, as well as suspension equipment.You know some harnesses; maybe a pretty chest harness, a functional futomomo or two, or maybe a hip harness with the potential for a lot of variation. But now what? This class is designed to help you get from the floor into the air. We will learn how to know if your harnesses are locked off and safe for suspension, what hangers to use and where to attach them, basic up-line management, and what to do when things don’t work out as planned.Miss Acacia
Fun With Whips Redux3/20/20214:35 PM6:00 PMThis class is for everyoneA sense of fun!Wait! What? Did you really just read that whips can actually be fun? Why yes you did….

Come join PrettySubFemale and Domino for a class filled with fun whip cracks, tricks and some inventive new ways to use whips that you probably hadn’t considered before. We’ll cover how to properly use a whip in clubs and smaller, dark spaces and other tidbits of practical whip use in real play scenes.

There will be whip dancing (by PSF only…Domino doesn’t whip dance!), glow whips, multiple whip throwing, whip instruction, motivation and overall whippy fun!

This class is a Redux from last year’s class so there will be newly added whip-funions that you haven’t seen before.
Whether you’ve thrown a whip before or just want to come and watch all the whip theatrics, this class is for EVERYONE!

Bring your whip-related questions too. There will be a Q&A at the end. See you then!
PrettySubFemale & Domino
Exposure and Closure3/20/20214:35 PM6:00 PMRope - BeginnerRope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. You can use synthetic fiber ropes however, I cannot vouch for how it will hold with clothing.

Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises.
Have you looked at a photo of a person exposed in rope? Have you wanted to get someone to that vulnerable spot or how it must feel like to be that vulnerable? In this class we will explore the physical and psychological ins and outs of exposure rope on the ground. How to tie exposing rope, how can we create these spaces of trust, and how can we begin to open up to more intense scenes of exposure. And once we have taken someone apart, how do we put them back together? In this class we will also discuss ways of aftercare and healing for exposure rope.Lief Bound & Icarus
Gush3/20/20216:05 PM7:30 PMThis class is for everyoneANything used to take notes-- if opting to present this class as participatory, things like gloves or favorite sex toys should be broughtSome experience this often-elusive ejaculation every time they orgasm; others have tried to no avail, and still others maintain that it’s a myth to make us feel better about peeing the bed. This class features a discussion and explanation of the biology behind squirting, some commonly used practices to encourage squirting, and a demonstration of the magnificent “chain trick.”Carmen Monoxide
Dyeing Nylon Rope: Materials Science for Masochists3/20/20216:05 PM7:30 PMThis class is for everyoneNo materials neededHave you ever wanted to have unique rope that will never be mistaken for anyone else’s? This class will teach you how to acid-dye nylon rope and paracord, from start to finish. Acid dyes are best known for dyeing wool and silk, but they also deliver brilliant, jewel-like colors to nylon rope. This class will cover the chemical reactions involved in dyeing and how they shape the process, where to source materials, and techniques I have developed for producing single and multi-colored rope with evenly saturated dye. A written protocol will be provided with this class, detailing all the steps you need to make the nylon rope of your dreams.Apterous
Kink show n tell3/20/20217:35 PM8:30 PMThis class is for everyonea toy, a question, or fashion!Show n tell but for us kinksters! Bring a toy, a question, or fashion. We will then go around the room sharing our passion for kink.Sara Without an H
Colorful Rope: A social mixer for kinksters of color3/20/20217:35 PM8:30 PMEver wish you could connect and hang out with other people of color who love rope? Are you a fan of your rope community but still find yourself wishing there was more racial diversity in the scene? Join us virtually this November!! This mixer is focused on centering conversations and experiences of people of color, as many of us experience tokenism, fetishization and underrepresentation both in the wider kink community and within the rope community as well.

Who are People of color (POC)?*
People of Color…
-are visible non-white individuals; and/or
-have 1 or more parents who are visible minorities (sometimes called mixed race); and/or
- have the lived experience of systemic oppression based on race, ethnicity, culture, mother tongue, place of origin, or heritage (have experienced social or systemic forms of racism).

If you meet one or more of the characteristics listed above, you are welcome to attend and fully participate! To maintain a space where attendees feel safe discussing sensitive topics of racial inequality, this event will be limited to people of color attendees only.

This event formed by

*This event is created and facilitated by a biracial, kinkster (Willow_Howls) with the support of allies from Tethered Together.
Willow (Howls)
Circus Show3/20/20219:00 PM10:00 PMShay
Morning Hello and Welcome3/21/202110:15 AM10:30 AMSkyla & Ozma
Yoga3/21/202110:30 AM11:30 AMAir
Leading the Dance because You Can3/21/202111:35 AM1:00 PMRope - Suspension IntermediateNothingThis demo followed by a discussion covers bottom-led rope experiences and why they are essential learning tools for both sides of play. We will talk about effective and compassionate language, applying body awareness to your advantage in suspension, non-verbal and verbal communication techniques that can keep the equilibrium fun and exciting in this dance we call rope bondage.March & Nxy_Bound
A Way Too Detailed Class on Torsions3/21/202111:35 PM1:00 PMAdvanced BeginnerRopeTorsions make amazing shapes but can be very stressful (and dangerous) on the spine. This class is taught from both the top’s and bottom’s perspective and details different ways to torsion the body, discusses some pros and cons to each, and highlights ways for both the bottom and the top to mitigate risk through body awareness and manipulation.

Single Column, double column, and hojo cuff for floor work. Strong fundamentals and experience in partials if suspending.
12cats & Nevertheless
With the Beat (The psychology behind using music in kink)3/21/20211:35 PM3:00 PMThis class is for everyoneNotebook“Art is how you decorate space; Music is how you decorate time.” -Unknown. When people scene together, they share time with each other, adding music decorates the time you spend together to create something even more beautiful. This class goes over the science of why it can be beneficial to scene with music. The class then moves into breaking down music in a way that can be incorporated into scenes and things to consider when building a playlist. Finally, conclude with some hands-on practice with incorporating music into kink.Tempo
Baby T-rex Suspension3/21/20211:35 PM3:00 PMRope - Suspension Advancedsomething to take notes withDuring this workshop, you will learn the different ties and the sequence of this suspension position. The position is a static suspension, meaning that it is one pose that you are suspended in. This suspension's ties will consist of T-rex chest harness, bend leg ties and crotch rope.WorldsOkayestRopeBunny & GentleeBrutal
Beyonder’s Chest Harness for Wayward Bois3/21/20213:05 PM4:30 PMRope - Intermediate3x 30' bundles
1x 15' bundle (not mandatory but highly suggested.)
A partner - (Regretfully this harness, as taught, is not self-tie friendly.)
This class will teach a chest harness designed for bodies with flatter chest shapes (on any and all genders). This particular design: 1. Combines the best features of the Shinju and Figure-8 chest harnesses along with several unique elements. 2. Secures in both the front and back to give added stability and purchase. 3. Is refined and tested to be load-bearing for use in suspension. 4. Will hold up under the strain of transitions, on the floor or int the air, without shifting.

The class will also cover discussion of anatomy / safety concerns unique to this design best methods for attaching to this harness.
Regretfully this harness, as taught, is not self-tie friendly.
Beyonder & Apterous
Tying Together as One - A rope workshop for two3/21/20216:05 PM7:30 PMRope - BeginnerAttendees should make sure they have a tying space where they can sit comfortably across from each other, with their legs straight for at least 30 minutes. Each participant should have one long hank of rope, approximately 30' and may want a pillow to sit on or something to lean against. A handout will be made available for this workshop.Be the Rigger and Rope Bunny ... at the same time! Ropework can be amazing fun but at times it can be a little dull for the bunny. We created a series of workshops that allow partners to be both the rigger AND the bunny at the same time! The lattice leg tie is the first in the Cum Tie With Me Rope Series. In this beginner class, we guide partners through a simple tying pattern that ends with their legs tied to one another in a stylistic latticework of rope, leaving them bound to one another and hands-free to do as they wish while one.Phoenix Phyre& Myrina
Polyvagal Theory for Your Polyamorous Journey3/21/20214:35 PM6:00 PMThis class is for everyonePolyvagal Theory is a revolutionary approach to understanding our biological and psychological need for safety, and how the body's threat response easily gets in the way of feeling connected and secure in our relationships. Even though having relationships with multiple partners offers the promise of increased love and support, CNM can also trigger us and activate our threat response in ways that are confusing, unsustainable, and even traumatic.

In this talk, Jessica will:
Give an overview of Polyvagal Theory
Walk you through the three different autonomic nervous system states
Guide you through mapping your own nervous system
Offer tools for how to intervene when you're in fight/flight/freeze as well as how to better cultivate your Social Engagement System.
Jessica Fern
Evening Closing Circle3/21/20217:35 PM8:00 PMSkyla & Ozma