Tethered Together General Event Rules 2019

Subject to change – and will be updated (in small ways) and posted here prior to the 2020 event.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to Skyla or Ozma.

Abuse & Harassment Policy
Attendees who use abusive language, promote a sense of unease, or in some other way impact negatively on the event or attendees at the event can be asked to leave at any time without refund. Be nice to each other, the volunteers, hotel staff and anyone that you come in contact with. Having an event in a hotel is a privilege, and if you seek to behave in a way that would reflect poorly on our group, you will be removed immediately.

All Tethered Together Attendees but be at least 18 years of age by the first day of the conference. A current, valid picture ID must be presented at registration. No exceptions.

Alcohol Policy
Attendees who chose to purchase alcoholic beverages must be at least 21 years of age. Any attendee who is noticeably impaired will not be permitted to stay at the event. No drinking is allowed while in the dungeon or during classes. All alcohol must stay in designated spaces.

According to the ADA, “A service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability”. The hotel’s pet policy is: “Pet Policy: We are a dog friendly hotel. After your stay; we do a deep clean for our next guest. Due to this extra cost; there is a 100 dollar, non refundable cleaning fee per stay. With the exception of service animals with documentation, we do not accept other pets.” Non-service animals, such as support or therapy animals are not allowed in the conference spaces without express permission of the Hotel.

Badges & Wristbands
Must be worn at all times while in the hotel. You must wear BOTH your wristband AND your badge at all times.

Cell Phones
Can be used to take notes during classes, but should not be used for phone conversations anywhere that would be disruptive to other attendees. Please silence your cell phone when in the conference space. This includes the sounds from typing on the keyboard, and notifications. Cell phones are not permitted in the dungeon during parties.

All activities that take place at Tethered Together should be treated with confidentiality. Adhere to the photography policy, and do not share information about other attendees. If you happen to see someone you know from the vanilla world – don’t make it weird, and do not share that information with anyone without explicit permission. Outing an attendee is considered a serious offense and could result in your expulsion from this event, and future events.

All activity must be consensual, both in and out of play, in both actions and language. No puppy-dogging other attendees. Be respectful requesting a “yes” and providing a “no”. Treat others politely when possible. (Please see consent policy for more information)

Dress Code
You must be better than street legal when you are in the public spaces of the hotel (outside of the checkpoint). Fetish attire is okay, as long as it abides by the following requirements. This includes ANY public area of the hotel, including the pool. You should not bother the hotel staff, or assume that they would like to be exposed to nudity or any lewd commentary. Everyone’s nipples, genitals, butts should always be covered when in a public area of the hotel. A sheer shirt over a bare chest is not good enough. Please be respectful of our hotel staff, airline employees, and the occasional guest that does not realize the hotel is full. Inside the conference space, you may be nude. If you are going to sit on an item you do not own, please use a chux. (More specific guidelines will be available to ticket holders prior to the event).

Dungeon Monitors
DMs are community members who have graciously agreed to provide oversight to attendee safety. We insist that all attendees respect and comply with DM directives. Issues pertaining to DMs should be discussed with DM Leads, and/or Event Engineers.

First Aid Staff Members will be available to assist with any basic medical needs. DMs will be present at all parties and will serve as first responders in the event that a situation arises.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911. Please notify event staff in the event of an emergency.

Hate Speech – General Hatefulness Policy
Tethered Together is designed to be a space where a variety of identities should feel safe, supported, and represented. If you use the privilege of attending the event to make hateful, discriminatory, or other just plain mean remarks about an attendee’s gender, sexuality, race, religion, weight, age, economic background, etc., you might be asked to leave. You will certainly be asked to apologize. You risk not being invited to attend future events.

Photography Policy
Tethered Together does not hire official event photographers. Photos may be taken of consenting attendees, however, they may not include other people who do not consent (people walking by etc.). Anyone taking unsolicited photos will be removed without refund. Absolutely no audio or video recording, and no photography is permitted in the dungeon during parties

Play scenes are restricted to the classrooms and playspaces. Refrain from any kind of non-vanilla play including pinching, fondling, spanking, rough body play, humiliation play, or similar activities while in public spaces, the Serenity Space, or in the Vendor Hall. See Dungeon Rules for play rules during evening parties. Specific “Dungeon Rules” will be provided to ticketed attendees closer to the event.

Most restrooms will be all-gender for this event. Please respect the right of others to use the restroom of their choice.

No smoking or vaping in the hotel.

All tickets are pre-sale.No tickets will be sold at the door. No exceptions.

Illegal Activities
Abide by all state, local, federal laws.