Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and where is Tethered Together happening?

A: Our third event is scheduled for March 1 – March 4, 2024 at the Hilton Stamford Hotel and Executive Meeting Center in Stamford, CT.

Q: What’s the schedule? When does this spectacular rope circus start and end?

A: We’re working on the class grid right now! A general overview can be found here. In brief, classes, meetups, and other merriment start the afternoon of Friday (2:00pm) and run through Sunday afternoon with parties and special events each night!

BUT WAIT – It’s not over quite yet: We’ll say goodbye to friends who can’t stay over a third night at our closing ceremony and then gather again to build a non-hierarchical kinky teaching and learning environment called a Ropenspace. We’ll share, learn and afterparty till that last rope hits the floor in the playspace at the stroke of Midnight Sunday night.  You read that right! Parties on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights.

Glass slippers may be provided.

Q: How do I register for your event?

A: You’ll need to buy a ticket before the day of the event – they will NOT be available at the door. Tickets are available right here starting 9/1! You’ll have to meet some basic criteria: you’ll need to be at or over the age of 18 on the first day of our event, be fully Covid-19 vaccinated with your card to prove it, and you’ll need to have a valid legal ID physically with you to show us that matches the name on your ticket. If you register for a ticket with a “placeholder” type name, you will either be asked to pay a transfer fee, or the cost difference of the ticket from when you purchased it to when the name change occurred – whichever you prefer. You’ll also need to sign our event liability waiver and conduct policy at the door.

Q: I am new to the rope community, will I be able to participate?

A: Yes!  We offer several tracks of educational programming.  Their are tracks dedicated to new rope folks and we’d love for you to join.  Our event is ALWAYS challenge by choice.  You can attend nothing or everything at the event.  If you have other questions about being a newbie at TT, consider posting a question in the Tethered Together group on Fetlife.  We love to crowdsource.
A: We are finding out that it’s pretty common for our Eventbee receipts to head to spam or junk folders or, for Gmail users, the promotions tab. Please check there and write us at [email protected] if you can’t find yours and we’ll get you set up!

Q: How do I book a room?

A: Our room block opens 9/01/19 and instructions will be available here at that point! Rooms (king or queen/queen, single through quad occupancy) will be $139 per night plus taxes and fees with a two-night Friday/Saturday minimum and booking details will be handled by our host hotel.

Q: If I’m flying in, how do I get from airport to the hotel and back?

A: The Hilton Stamford Hotel features 60,000 square feet of dedicated event space just for us and is just a 5 minute walk from the Stamford Train Station which connects to the NYC train system. The nearest airport is White Plains (HPN) Airport which is 8.8 miles away. Other nearby airports include New York La Guardia (LGA) (26.1 miles), Islip (ISP) (29.5 miles), New York JFK (JFK) (31.2 miles) and Newark (EWR) (42 miles) so you’ve got travel choices. At this time you should plan to arrange your own ride to and from the airport.

Q: What happens if I have a ticket and then find out I can’t attend the event?

A: We offer ticket refunds and transfers according to the rules outlined in our 2022 Ticketing Policies.

Q: What about Covid-19 precautions? 

A: We have our entire policy available right here. Due to the nature of the pandemic, we are likely to make a decision about requiring masks or not requiring masks for 2023 quite close to the event start day, in conjunction with the city of Stamford and CDC recommendations.

Q: How can I help? 

A: We have an open call for both presenters and volunteers for our event! Click those links to head over to our applications! We also have sponsorship opportunities available for individuals and businesses supportive of our mission. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

Q: A workshop I’d like to attend requires a basic rope suspension kit.  What is that?

A: Shay recommends that your kit includes: Two synthetic uplines (we recommend POSH). At least four suspension-worthy carabiners and either a suspension ring or rigging plate; OR a minimum of six carabiners without a ring or a rigging plate. A cutting tool of some kind like safety shears.

Q: A workshop I’d like to attend requires a basic floor rope kit.  What is that?

A: Generally speaking, a basic floor rope kit includes four, 30ft lengths of rope and a pair of safety sheers.  You can purchase rope at a number of places, please see our vendor page for recommendations.

Q: Can two women really run a rope convention?

A: Yes. You are on their website right now. This one is on here as a joke because it’s better to laugh than cry about these things, but yes, we have been asked various versions of this question. The answer is emphatic and obvious and returning March 3 – March 6, 2023. We are so excited! You really don’t want to miss it!