2022 Tethered Together Ticket Policies

Sometimes things come up and we change our plans and sometimes things come up and the world changes our plans. If you have registered for our 2022 event and can’t make it for any reason, we will miss you and automatically transfer your ticket to our next in person event in 2023.  Preparing to host our event involves months of preparation and planning as well as travel and supply costs, and we hope that this policy removes stress and uncertainty from last minute plan changes.

We are able to do two things for you to help out if you can’t make it to our event due to personal illness, injury or circumstances:

  • We are able to offer you a complimentary ticket to our next event. You don’t need to do anything special to do this – please contact us after the event at your convenience for details on how to register for the next one!
  • We also offer you the opportunity to transfer your ticket to another person as a gift or for a price you set between yourselves as long as you complete this process by March 1st, 2022. 

In the event of a cancellation of our 2022 event, tickets will by default be transferred to our 2023 event but refunds may be requested by email to the address below as well.

If your situation is not covered by the above policies, please write us at the email address below and let us know what is going on. We are real human beings working hard to put on a wonderful event and we will see what we can do for you. It is not possible to write a comprehensive policy to address every single thing that could possibly happen in the next six months, so our next best option is to thoughtfully address all circumstances as they arise.

All requests need to be submitted by email to registration@tetheredtogether.net and cannot be accepted any other way.

Transfer and Refund Eligibility:

In terms of attending the event, we consider tickets to be the property of the person whose legal name is specified as the attendee for the ticket. We will need the permission of this person to process a refund or transfer that ticket if the name of the attendee and the purchaser are not the same. Refunds are processed through EventBee only onto the original card used for purchase, which means that they credit to the person who initially purchased them. We do not recommend, or frankly appreciate, the practice of purchasing placeholder tickets (buying 2 tickets in your name). Absolutely no placeholder tickets will be honored at registration. You must purchase tickets only for yourself or other real people.

To be clear:

If you purchase a ticket for another person, a refund will be issued to you only with the permission of the person whose name is attached to the ticket and we can only issue that refund to you as the original purchaser.

If you are holding a ticket purchased by someone else, you cannot cash out the purchase value to yourself if you choose not to come nor can anyone reassign your ticket to a different person without your permission. 

All requests must be made by email to registration@tetheredtogether.net.