Peer Response & Support

What is Peer Support?

In an effort to provide support for the unique needs of our community, Tethered Together will be assisted by a Peer Support Team.  The PST is comprised of a group of community members with a background in trauma-informed response, counseling, and advocacy.  Team members have volunteered to serve as listening ears for attendees in need.  Peer Support Team members can be contacted at any time via a staff member, DM, or volunteer.

The Peer Support Team can also help attendees to file an incident report, discuss available options for continued support, and be a non-judgmental listener.

If you want to get in touch with a Peer Support volunteer – please find a staff member or ask at the information booth.  You do not need to share why you would like to speak with the volunteer. If you should need support between 2am – 8am, please ask the hotel to phone the Peer Support volunteer’s room. Peer Support volunteers will have access to a staff member at the NCSF for additional guidance.

Our Consent Philosophy

Consent is collaborative. You’re not doing stuff TO people, you’re doing stuff WITH people. If you’d like to play with someone else, you need talk about what you want to do before you do it and find something to do together. That could be lots of things or nothing. Both are okay to find out. We suggest you consider talking about how you want to feel after you’re done as well. If you can’t talk about it together, you probably shouldn’t be doing it together.